During my stay in Mérida, I was employed at Rogers Hall, a K-12 secular private school situated in the northern region of the city.

Working alongside Jorge Quintal, the English Coordinator, and collaborating with educators from the English, art, and social studies departments, I gained valuable insights into the school's dynamic academic environment.

During my time at Roger's, I had a diverse experience supporting different educational levels. The first week involved assisting with middle school, followed by collaborating with a high school English teacher in the second week. The final week focused on advanced English classes. This three-week journey showcased my adaptability and versatility in addressing the distinct needs of students across various educational stages, affirming my commitment to contributing meaningfully to diverse academic environments. 

Throughout my tenure with the middle school, I actively participated in three distinct levels of English classes, collaborating closely with English educators Abraham, Ruby, and Maricarmen. 

Throughout my engagement with high school students, I had the privilege of instructing various classes on public speaking—an essential skill for everyone to possess. As part of this, each student was tasked with delivering a brief speech, providing an opportunity for both the teacher and me to offer constructive feedback and assist students in honing their speaking abilities. 

During my time at Roger's Hall, I played a key role in supporting the Model UN team for their upcoming competition in New York City, scheduled less than a week away as they depart this Sunday. 

I focused on refining their speeches and guiding them to enhance public speaking skills. Through individual coaching sessions and workshops, I emphasized clarity, confidence, and impactful delivery. The team exhibited significant improvement in both speech content and delivery, showcasing enhanced confidence and articulation as they prepared for the competition. 

Wishing them all best of luck!


January 2024