Last Sunday, March 10-2024, the students of Centre College had the opportunity to visit the Cenotes of Santa Barbara. This place its characterized by being so beautiful not only for the crystalline waters, also for the wonderful flora and fauna in the surroundings. The cenotes are located in Homun Yucatán, 1 hour southeast of the city of Mérida, being a very surprising town, in each of its streets you will notice the kindness of its inhabitants who invite you to delve into their history and the beauties that adorn it.

Centre College students have embarked on this adventure, getting to know 4 of the most famous cenotes in the region. The Cascabel and Chaksinkin cenotes complement each other in a dark environment that manages to captivate visitors with its mystical atmosphere and by having turquoise waters that form a wild spectacle that cannot be missed and recommended for everyone. The Xo'och and Pool Cocom are the largest in Santa Barbara being captivating with their waterfalls and the wonderful view offered from the bottom of the cenote.

To explore this place are different options. You can take the tour by bicycle or a ride in a horse-drawn cart that travels on a rail. This last means of transportation is popularly called “truck”. The students took a bicycle tour, heading 1.5 kilometers towards the cenote area, it was an amazing activity that makes you live the entire experience from the beginning and at the same time helping to preserve the natural area.

But Homún is not only cenotes, it’s also tradition and celebrations that take place during the month of July when everyone gathers around: San Buenaventura; the carnival festivities Santiago Apóstol, another of the town's patron saint around whom a temple in the center of the town was also built. It is also worth mentioning that there are some archaeological sites such as the Kampepen, Sion and Yalabau areas that are unpredictable when visiting.

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