The private sector talks with Oscar Fernández were the beginning of the journey to learn more about Cuba and the way they impact the island.

Throughout the trip we learned a little more about the country, visiting enterprises that encourage learning about the culture such as the manufacture and design of clothing, the Afro-Cuban heritage, design of accessories and jewelry. Also, to get more into the architecture, we had the help of architect Nancy Benitez, who taught us more about economics and another point of view on infrastructure.

Likewise, the interpretation of retro music in Cuba, dances and the tobacco fields in the Viñales region, considered the most beautiful part of Cuba and winner of being the most famous planting area of tobacco in the world, in which we learned about cultivation and production process.

Throughout the tour, the students had several options to choose from during the day, such as a horseback ride, a bicycle tour, and a behind-the-scenes tour with the artist Ramón Vázquez, a Fine Arts graduate from Cuba.

And we could not leave aside one of the moments that was most enjoyed, such as the visit to Trinidad, in which we learned a little more about how people live Holy Week and the beautiful Ancón beach, accompanied by music, classes of salsa and delicious food in La Havana

An unforgettable trip!