My name is Lis Gonzalez and I study Anthropology, Sociology, and Spanish at Centre. For my internship, I worked with Los Trompos, a chain restaurant in Merida. A normal day at my internship involved me visiting a location of Los Trompos and observing my surroundings, the environment, as well as the food. Next, I would fill out a survey. In the office, I would organize my data into reports and excel spreadsheets. As an intern, I was responsible for the growth of the restaurant by supplying the company with data necessary for their improvement and customer experience.

The most helpful thing that I have learned is that in a company, the most important aspect is the wellness of the employees. Assuring that all employees, as they are essential to the company, are happy. This promotes a successful company and fruitful work environment. My internship has helped me develop my skills in a work environment. Particularly in communication and flexibility. It has taught me that not all things go according to plan but as long as everyone communicates, things should be better than planned.

 I would recommend this internship opportunity to someone who would like to know more about business and the day-to-day operations of managing a business. Los Trompos was a great place to gain knowledge of how a restaurant is run and everyone was very informative.

To a student coming to Merida for the first time, I would say that it is important to be flexible and not be afraid to ask questions. It is better to ask than to be unsure. Communicating with your homestay mom about your concerns and uncertainty makes for a more positive experience. My homestay mom and I would play games and tell stories during dinner, she would show me around to places, and we would go out to eat together. I particularly enjoyed her company and vast knowledge of history and other subjects regarding Mexico.

My favorite part about living in Merida has been the hospitality of all of the people that I have met. Everyone is very helpful and wants to ensure you have a great experience.