My name is Jean karlo Gonzalez. I am an international studies major and while in Merida I have been working with Colegio Teresiano. A normal day at work for me is on zoom from 9-2 every day. I work with two classes of seventh graders and switch back and forth between the two throughout the day. I am responsible for two big lectures a week, so I have to prepare presentations for those as well as give the lectures. During classes from 9-2, I plan and lead activities of a subject the teachers give me.

The most helpful thing that I have learned during my internship is how to have the attention span as a teacher in order to deal with the kids. It wasn’t easy for the first couple of days to entertain them and keep them engaged. Something that I have experienced while being here and want to share is that schools in Mexico ask for so much more from a student compared to ones in the US coming from a student myself.

This internship has also developed my character. Specifically, I would say that for the most part, it cemented the fact that I do want to teach, and it has given me insight as to what being a teacher is like. For example, issues I could come across and things to keep in mind with teaching the next generation. So, remembering that they’ve grown up with technology and they’re better at it than I am. Overall, it’s been a really good experience because I’ve been able to see on my end how teachers are doing things. I also work with 4 different teachers, so I’ve been able to see 4 different styles of teaching.

For future students, I would say to remember that it isn’t easy living in Mérida. Moving forward, keep in mind that you’re going to be fully in Mexico and will need to be fully invested. You’re going to be around the food and people here so this should be part of your decision to come to Mexico because it’s a great experience if you’re ready for it. Also, to a student coming to Merida for the first time, I would say that there is going to be culture shock so be prepared for that so that you can handle it better but also be respectful. Those will be your most important tools to keep in mind while in Merida. 

At the end of the day, the culture here is different than yours but it is people's norm, so being in shock and confused as to how people do this is very disrespectful. So, be ready to be uncomfortable but know there are ways to handle it without being disrespectful.