My name is Sarah Glenn, I am 21 years old and study psychology and Spanish at Centre College. During this Centre Term in Merida, I had the opportunity to intern with the Colegio Teresiano which is a primary school here in Merida.

A normal day at the Colegio Teresiano is actually on zoom for this month, however sometimes I get to go in person, but on a normal day, I start at 9 in the morning. I work with a first-grade English class where I help teach language and science in English by assisting with leading activities for the students and working individually with the kids in breakout rooms. My day ends around one in the afternoon! My responsibilities here include helping during class but sometimes will make lessons or substitute in when a teacher cannot be there.

Something that I have really gotten from this internship opportunity is that it’s been extremely helpful working with kids in a classroom because my after-college plans include becoming a school psychologist. It’s also rewarding watching the kids learn. Overall, it has helped me appreciate what teachers do in order to organize a classroom and teach the students.

For future students, I highly recommend this program because it is extremely hard to do this on your own without a program to place you and be there as a resource for you. Especially if you’re interested in improving your Spanish language this is a good program to be a part of.

Some advice I would give to students coming here is first off practically, do as many things as you can while also taking care of yourself. Also, enjoy your time with your homestay because it is fun and they are welcoming them into your home so you can learn a lot of different things from being in a homestay.

My favorite thing about being in Merida is the food, there are so many different cuisines here to try, not just Mexican food. The people are also really nice and welcoming.

Being here has taught me a lot, but something I want to share with the other students who are thinking about doing this program is that it’s definitely worth the stress and nerves you get at first because you have to truly immerse yourself in the culture here. You’re working and living here full time doing life which is rewarding in the end. My time here has also developed me as a person. Learning a new culture outside of my own has allowed me to become adaptable.