Too early Tsikbal and the homestays were attentive to the news of their arrival, the meeting was extremely exciting, since the students bring with them enthusiasm, a desire to share and fully live the experience of learning in Mérida.

The first day was full of activities, the students ate a delicious breakfast in a Mexican restaurant and then they had an orientation with Claudia and Madeline where they were given information and recommendations about the city, the cultural and natural context, in addition to detailing the characteristics of program education by Tsikbal.

On this occasion, Centre College students will carry out their professional practices in recognized Institutions, civil society organizations and private establishments in the City of Mérida. For their part, DePaul students will take Spanish and History classes, as well as perform community service each week.

During the afternoon, the students toured historical points of the city, accompanied by Luis, an expert tour guide. After a few hours of such an interesting walk through the city of Mérida, they all went to eat at a renowned Yucatecan food restaurant. At night was the meeting with the homestays. They all arrived very punctual and welcomed the students with a big smile and open arms.

"I was very excited. I had texted her earlier and had a good feeling about her. I couldn't wait to meet her." Ayana - DePaul University 

"When I arrived at doña angelita's house I felt very welcome. I didn't feel so nervous just because I had done something like this before, so it was easy to start a conversation and break the ice. Just a week later, I feel like a part of her family and I have been here for more than a month. I am very grateful for Doña Angelita and her hospitality." Tyler-DePaul University 

The expectations of this experience are great and from the beginning they have been exceeded. At Tsikbal it fills us with pride and joy to be part of these beautiful stories.