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FAQ section

  • How can I register for the next seminar / trip?

    We would ask you to fill out a registration form that would be available as soon as we have a scheduled event/trip/experience. Due to COVID-19 we’re currently not traveling.

  • Can I participate if I have a special diet?

    Yes. Depending on the specific diet needs we can find a family that can satisfy them. People with allergies or sensitivity to some foods or environmental factors is common. Host families have experience and availability to offer food with special requirements, although in some cases it may have an increase in cost.

    Food & Diet,Turism
  • I am vegetarian, will I find food options during my stay?

    Host families can offer vegetarian options. In addition, Merida is a city that offers many services, among these there are several vegetarian and vegan feeding options that can be useful. Recently more vegetarian restaurants have opened.

    Food & Diet,Turism
  • If I use a wheelchair, can I participate in a program?

    Merida is a flat city that facilitates the use of wheelchairs, however most streets and sidewalks are not adapted to use them. Local public transportation is not adapted either. However, it would be possible to find a lodging option that is located close to most important places of interest. Taxis and Uber options are affordable and available.

    Special needs
  • How much does a Spanish course and accommodation with a family cost?

    The cost will depend on the duration of the program and the optional activities that the group wants to do. All our programs are unique, we do not have a generalized cost.

  • How do you select the families that receive students?

    Tsikbal conducts a careful selection process. We work with families who have experience receiving students, always looking for comfort, safety and location.

  • Do host families speak English?

    They usually speak very little English. Host families are an active participant in learning Spanish. Daily coexistence is a fundamental resource for the development of communication skills. However, when the purpose of the stay does not include the development of Spanish it is possible to find a family that speaks English or another accommodation option.

  • Can I learn Maya in any of your programs?

    Of course. We can develop an exclusive Mayan language program or a mixed program where students can learn Spanish and also have Mayan language sessions.

  • I would like to do an internship in Merida, is it possible?

    Of course! One of the most valuable experiences for students is to do an internship or some type of service learning/community based work in a foreign country. This will certainly contribute to your professional, academic and personal life. Our internship program gives students the opportunity to collaborate with a local institution, organization or company and experience a real scenario with real people working towards a common goal. There is a diverse range of opportunities depending on your academic and professional interest. We have had students working in Mérida with different sites involving a variety of academic disciplines.

  • My parents are worried about security in Mexico. Is Mérida a safe city?

    Yucatán has been named the safest state in the country for 3 consecutive years and Mérida the safest city. Although Mexico is experiencing outbreaks of violence in some places, they are targeted and Mérida is not within this area. Mérida has been considered in recent years one of the best cities to live according to several magazines. The United States Consulate in Merida is always open to answer questions regarding safety in this area. You can review the Travel Warning issued by the U.S. State Department.

  • What places of interest are there near Mérida?

    Merida is located in the center of an area with a lot of history and cultural richness. Near the city in a range not exceeding two hours there are important archaeological sites such as Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Ek-Balam, among many others. The Yucatan Peninsula is fortunate to have hundreds of cenotes around, where its landscape and tranquility are attractive to many. The Gulf Coast and the Caribbean Sea are some of the most important destinations for many visitors. Nearby cities such as Valladolid and Izamal as well as colonial haciendas are also characteristic sites of the regional culture.

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