The last week of classes with the Centre students was very intense, they were days of very arduous study that finally had good results in the final presentations. It gives us satisfaction and joy to see in retrospect the entire growth process of Center students, young people who arrived with great dreams of learning and will return to their university loaded with knowledge that will help them for the rest of their lives and inscribe in their personal history a unforgetable experience.

We want to extend our congratulations for such a good job and also thank Kathie for being a kind girl, open to listen, MJ for being temperate and sincere, Rick for your spontaneity and enthusiasm, Maya for your tenderness and calmness, Jess for your strength and perseverance, Tenley for her adaptability and freedom, Keaton for your patience and optimistic attitude, Grace for your intelligence and cunning, Ethan for your infinite will and camaraderie, and Estefania for your wisdom and caring. They are very good boys, from whom we learned a lot and who we undoubtedly miss.

On behalf of the Tsikbal team we want to thank you for trusting us to carry out this immersion educational program together. In particular, the recognition of the great work of Rick. Thank you for being an example of courage to cross borders and weave worlds. It is very important for Tsikbal to maintain networks, healthy links in a changing world. Thank you. You have been a great director and we are sure that you have expanded the way of seeing life to many students.