During the first weekend, they got to know Puerto Progreso and spent the afternoon on the beach.  Classes began the following Monday with great motivation and enthusiasm to meet their teachers.

During the third week, they got to know Celestun, a beautiful place with a beach and mangroves, recognized for its great biodiversity.  Here it is possible to watch birds such as flamingos.

  "We spent a day in Celestún with guides in the nature reserve. We learned about the ecosystem, especially the problems facing the mangrove and the ability of the mangrove to sequester carbon and heal the environment. The guides were knowledgeable and also showed us around how to observe the Celestun birds while respecting their limits and minimizing any damage that our trip could cause to the reserve”

“The group we went with was a cooperative called "Guardians of the Mangroves of Dzinintún", and the money we paid was for workers, the local community and for conservation organisations. The animals and ecosystem there were beautiful. It was refreshing to see an example of tourism being done in a way that respects the environment and brings dignity and agency to the local people who work there."

Also, as part of the Anthropology class activities, they visited the Great Museum of the Mayan world.