One of the things that we enjoy the most in Tsikbal is when the students return from the trips we plan for them because it is possible to notice how they come back with new reflections that significantly transform their perceptions about life. 

The intention of these activities is to bring students closer to the places they visit, that is, with the people of the place, with its landscapes and thus generate intercultural dialogues which helps to give a deeper meaning to what is understood as culture. 

This is possible, thanks to the openness of the communities and places they come to, since they teach them what daily life is like.

The student Estefania told us about two activities that she loved during her trip: 

-Visit Tierra del Sol. It is a permaculture farm in which vegetables and medicinal plants are grown, with a fully sustainable complex system. This is how they feed not only people but also animals.

-Visit the Oaxacan Sierra and do a Ritual in the mountain.

This is just a little description of cultural diversity and how pleasant these experiences are.