Doña Alicia is originally from México City and she has 26 years living in Mérida, she lives by herself with her pets but from time to time her son Gilberto comes to visit her and stays for some months and works from home. 

Doña Alicia used to be a hair stylist and worked in this discipline for a long time. She officially retired and now dedicates her life to her students and her pets. She has three dogs and one cat. Doña Alicia is a happy, active, kind, helpful, religious and positive person and she is always available to help others.

Doña Alicia has two children, Luis Gilberto who lives in Campeche and Ixchel Beatriz who lives with her husband in Mérida. They have two children, José Manuel who is 6 years old and Félix Manuel who is almost four years old. They come regularly to the house to visit.