We are delighted to work with KIIS developing a program to Cuba for the summer of 2019! This is a 15 day program centered in Havana with travel to Viñales, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad. 

As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba has been profoundly affected by its relationship with the United States, experiencing both intimate and challenging periods of political relations. The program will explore different museums, centers, universities, and the beauty of this complex city and island.  Cuba is an exhilarating place and this will be a phenomenal way to meaningfully encounter this country.  

Students will live with families for the duration of the program enhancing the socio-cultural understanding of the day-to-day Cuban experience.

There will be 2 courses offered:
ART496 Documenting Change-Cuba in Transition and HIS200 Latin America, 

Past & Present:
Both courses integrate history and art history to engage and explore the complexity of Cuban culture in a period of social, economic, and political transformation. We will explore Havana and its urban spaces, museums, cultural and social institutions, to approach Cuban identity and political reality so deeply connected to its past.

Visit the KIIS website for further information.