Grace, from Berea College


Meet sweet and nice Grace!! She comes from Berea College, an institution that is part of the KIIS consortium, where she is majoring in agriculture and studies several other things, including Spanish. Grace has many plans for her future, one of them is helping people learn about agriculture and speaking to some of the farmers in their native language, which is Spanish. Grace is really interested in Spanish not only because of the beauty of the language, but also because her parents in law only speak Spanish and she believes is good for her relationship to speak fluently. So what better way of improving her language skills that immersing herself in the culture! Grace loves Merida because there’s always something going on, like music shows, theater and cultural events to know more about all the stories that are here to tell. Grace is in love with Mexico and says that the country has something really special that creates a great environment for everyone. As soon as the summer language program is over, Grace will do an internship in an ecological park called Parque Aak, which in Mayan Language means Turtle Park.

Kiki from Millsaps College

This is Kiki!! She comes from Millsaps College, a school located in Jackson, Mississippi. She is an ambitious girl, that decided to come to Mexico for 1 month to improve her Spanish, which she has in the past couple of weeks. She’s starting to feel more confident and comfortable with the culture as well. She lives in Mississippi with her mom and her little sister. Kiki is super close to her mom, they are like best friends. Kiki is doing this program for her and for her mom as well because she always wanted to go to college. At Millsaps Kiki studies Spanish as a major and when she heard she could have an opportunity to immerse herself in Spanish language and Mexican culture she had to take it. Kiki is about to finish her time in Mexico and she is so happy that the experience made her more diverse and more open minded about what’s different from back home.

Brett from Millsaps College

Let us introduce you to Brett, he comes from Millsaps College. Brett grew up and was raised in a farm on the countryside of Mississippi, just like his mom. Brett is currently a marine and traveling is part of his job, which is one of the reasons why he decided learning Spanish would be helpful. He loves to work out and while he’s in Merida, he decided to join a gym close by from school and he’s a huge sports’ fan.  Brett decided to take the opportunity of studying abroad for one month to face new challenges and to get out of his comfort zone. That’s what’s all about! Brett is about to finish his degree and his plans are getting his commission as an officer. Brett enjoys exploring Merida, he likes to take walks around his neighborhood and the downtown area, meeting new people and learning more Spanish. Brett is very helpful and enjoys listening to people’s problem and exploring Mexican culture.

Jay from Millsaps College

Meet Jay, or as he likes to be called: Pepe! He is one of the students from Millsaps College that is here in Merida as part of an intensive summer language program. Jay is 21 years old, he’s from Seoul, Korea and he’s currently studying psychology in the US. Jay is an only child, and his parents still live in Korea, his father is a branch manager in Walmart and his mother is a travel guide in Japan, both of them are really busy and love what they do. Jay decided to do something different and exciting and came to Merida to spend 4 weeks learning Spanish. He liked the idea of being with a lot of people and knowing more cultures. He decided to come to Merida to learn Spanish, know more people and explore more about the world and a culture that is completely different from his. Jay’s Spanish has improved a lot since he arrived in Merida. Learning Spanish is really important for him and his future, he thinks that because he studies humanities and psychology, learning languages help him to communicate with people in their language and in their environment. After learning Spanish, he wants to learn Chinese. Jay is a funny and confident guy that is very happy about this program and about the adventures that are about to happen for him here in Mexico.