One of the most important aspects of immersing into a new culture and learning a language is a homestay. Students can improve their language skills and live with a Yucatecan family while learning about the local culture. Homestay “moms” take their role pretty seriously! And you might find yourself bonding with this new family and having another mom in Mexico! Here just a little taste of a few homestays with recently arrived Centre College students!

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Dessert Class!!!

After our cooking class where we cooked Pollo Pibil (Pibil chicken), it is now time for dessert!!!! Cremita de Coco!!! (Coconut cream/pudding) A typical yucatecan easy-to-make dessert. Here some students from DePaul University helping with the process!!

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Final Centre Term presentations!

After 24 days Centre Term is over! Students did a great job at their work sites. Jacob, Valentine, Sarah, Carter, Katie and Elizabeth, thank you! Here are some pictures of your very last day in Merida! Have a safe trip back home!

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Each January Centre College has what they call Centre Term that invites students to do internships in the U.S. or abroad. Merida is one of Centre College’s receiving sites and because we’ve had a long relationship we receive students each Centre Term in January to do internships in different organizations in Merida. This year we have 7 students doing very diverse internships. Here on their first day a picture of our interns at the ISSSTE Public Hospital located in Merida, Yucatan. They will be shadowing doctors and observing what goes on daily. Most importantly they will learn a LOT!


Rosca de Reyes

Who will buy the tamales on February 2nd??

In Mexico, as well as other latinamerican countries, we have a tradition that originally comes from Spain that takes place today on January 6th. Today is the “Día de Reyes” and we normally celebrate this day having what we call “Rosca de Reyes”. Inside this cake there are always (at least) 3 dolls that represent Baby Jesus. History says this is a way of representing when Baby Jesus was hidden when King Herodes wanted to kill him and looked for him all over the place. If you cut the cake and you end up having one of the little dolls, it means you have to throw a party on February 2nd on Candelaria’s Day and serve tamales! Yumm!!!

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