Cody, From Western Kentucky University

This is Cody, he studies at Western Kentucky University, an institution that is part of the KIIS summer program in Merida. We, at TSIKBAL love to work with KIIS, which stands for Kentucky Institute for International Studies and every summer sends a group of students to Merida to learn Spanish and culture.  Cody’s major is Spanish education at WKU. Cody decided to come to Mexico to immerse in the culture and learn more about the language, people, and most importantly, to be able to apply all the things he has learned into his future classes. He is a guy that not only loves history but the way he can relate most of the things he’s learned in class with Merida and the stories around it. One of Cody’s passions is taking pictures, “Merida and Mexico in general are perfect places to capture the beauty of people and nature”. Each day that goes by Cody feels a huge improvement with his Spanish and he couldn’t be happier about it.