Grace, from Berea College


Meet sweet and nice Grace!! She comes from Berea College, an institution that is part of the KIIS consortium, where she is majoring in agriculture and studies several other things, including Spanish. Grace has many plans for her future, one of them is helping people learn about agriculture and speaking to some of the farmers in their native language, which is Spanish. Grace is really interested in Spanish not only because of the beauty of the language, but also because her parents in law only speak Spanish and she believes is good for her relationship to speak fluently. So what better way of improving her language skills that immersing herself in the culture! Grace loves Merida because there’s always something going on, like music shows, theater and cultural events to know more about all the stories that are here to tell. Grace is in love with Mexico and says that the country has something really special that creates a great environment for everyone. As soon as the summer language program is over, Grace will do an internship in an ecological park called Parque Aak, which in Mayan Language means Turtle Park.