Kiki from Millsaps College

This is Kiki!! She comes from Millsaps College, a school located in Jackson, Mississippi. She is an ambitious girl, that decided to come to Mexico for 1 month to improve her Spanish, which she has in the past couple of weeks. She’s starting to feel more confident and comfortable with the culture as well. She lives in Mississippi with her mom and her little sister. Kiki is super close to her mom, they are like best friends. Kiki is doing this program for her and for her mom as well because she always wanted to go to college. At Millsaps Kiki studies Spanish as a major and when she heard she could have an opportunity to immerse herself in Spanish language and Mexican culture she had to take it. Kiki is about to finish her time in Mexico and she is so happy that the experience made her more diverse and more open minded about what’s different from back home.