Brett from Millsaps College

Let us introduce you to Brett, he comes from Millsaps College. Brett grew up and was raised in a farm on the countryside of Mississippi, just like his mom. Brett is currently a marine and traveling is part of his job, which is one of the reasons why he decided learning Spanish would be helpful. He loves to work out and while he’s in Merida, he decided to join a gym close by from school and he’s a huge sports’ fan.  Brett decided to take the opportunity of studying abroad for one month to face new challenges and to get out of his comfort zone. That’s what’s all about! Brett is about to finish his degree and his plans are getting his commission as an officer. Brett enjoys exploring Merida, he likes to take walks around his neighborhood and the downtown area, meeting new people and learning more Spanish. Brett is very helpful and enjoys listening to people’s problem and exploring Mexican culture.