Rebekah Bruner – Centre College Spring 2016


Merida was more than a fun-filled vacation for me; it was challenging, encouraging and extremely valuable. In Merida, I had the opportunity to meet people from another culture and build life-long friendships that I will cherish forever. While living with my Mama, Mili, I learned how to be humble and how to serve others selflessly, both characteristics that I saw from many Meridians. Even more, I learned about social issues that both Mexico and the US face today, regarding race, gender and class. Thankfully, I not only had the opportunity to witness these issues, but I was also able to learn about their historical context and engage in conversation about these issues through my classes and my homestay. This experience was also extremely encouraging to me while it taught me how to keep an open heart and an open mind in order to relearn ideas and truths of the world. While in Merida, many social experiences and lessons that I learned within my classes challenged my ideas and beliefs that I had before coming to Merida. Now, with a broader view of the US and Mexico, I can have more informed conversations that matter to our future and to people around the world. Me encanta Merida!

Bekah Bruner – Spring 2016