Liz, from Millsaps College

Meet Liz! She is an easy-going person, she lives on the beach with his younger brother and parents in Pascagoula Mississippi. She already graduated from Millsaps College and wants to save money to go to graduate school. Liz’ mother is a school teacher and her dad is a fireman. Liz loves to learn new languages and cultures because it helps her to be a better person that can adapt to other people’s habits and be more open minded. Liz decided to do this program because now that she finished college she has more free time. She also won a  scholarship, so she felt it was perfect for her. Liz has traveled to many countries including Cuba, where she hopes to go back and be a professor’s assistant. She is super happy with her current Spanish level and she knows she has improved while she’s been in Merida studying this intensive summer Spanish program.

Hamilton from Millsaps College

This is Hamilton! Another student from Millsaps College that decided to come to Merida to study an intensive Spanish 4-week program. Hamilton is originally from Georgia and he has a double major in Political Science and Philosophy, he wants to become a successful lawyer one day. Back at home Hamilton works a lot, and he spends most of his free time at his job, studying or with his family. Hamilton is really close to his siblings, he has 2 sisters and 1 brother. Hamilton decided that it was time for him to take a little bit of time off and come to Mexico to learn more about the culture and learn a new language, which is always good. He loves Yucatecan culture and people, because he is a curious guy and likes to learn and understand a lot about this wonderful country.

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Kristin, from Murray State University

We’d like to introduce you to Kristin! she is a nice and multitasking young woman that has a lot to say about her adventures in Merida. Kristin grew up in a military family, so they moved more often than most people and she thinks that might be the reason why she loves changes and exploring new things. Kristin and her family are very religious, and she is really involved with religious missions that her church organizes around the world. Because of that Kristin has traveled a lot and has already experienced new cultures, this was part of the reason why she decided to come to Mexico and get immersed with the culture and improve her Spanish. She goes to Murray State University and has a major in Spanish so what better way to learn that come to Merida and get fully immersed in the culture? MSU is part of the KIIS consortium that has a summer and semester program in Merida. Once the summer is over, Kristin will participate in another religious mission and will visit some villages around Puebla, in the center part of Mexico. Kristin not only loves her experience here in Merida but above all she loves the delicious food that her host mom cooks, “I think when I go back to the US, I will be suffering about not eating the delicious rice and beans of my Mama”. Kristin has now a new perspective about things here in Mexico.

Ben, professor from Murray State University

Te presentamos a Ben! Ben es un profesor de español de la universidad de Murray State, ubicada en Kentucky y que forma parte del consorcio de KIIS que tiene un programa de español en Mérida, Yucatán cada verano y cada semestre de otoño. Este verano Ben está en Mérida como parte del grupo de profesores que vienen a enseñar español. Los abuelos de Ben son inmigrantes de Holanda y tuvieron que aprender inglés para adaptarse, lo que le dio mucha perspectiva a su vida. Ben quiso ser maestro de español y aprender el idioma a la perfección ya que el español es un idioma que puede dar muchas oportunidades, además de que su meta personal era poder ayudar a gente como sus abuelos a poder acoplarse a un nuevo idioma pero con la lengua española. Ben no sólo estudió español sino una especialidad en teatro colonial en México, lo cual hizo que desde mucho antes fuese un apasionado de la cultura mexicana. Para Ben, México siempre ha sido muy notable, más que nada le impresiona cómo es la vida de la ciudad ya que es muy diferente a la de los Estados Unidos, los colores, la arquitectura y hasta la energía que hay es única y diferente, “desde los camiones hasta la música que va cantando la gente por la calle, fascinante” comenta Ben. Él es un hombre muy inteligente, con un nivel de español increíble, que le encanta lo que hace, “No soy mexicano, pero soy mexicanista y me encanta ser parte de un proyecto como éste”.

Cody, From Western Kentucky University

This is Cody, he studies at Western Kentucky University, an institution that is part of the KIIS summer program in Merida. We, at TSIKBAL love to work with KIIS, which stands for Kentucky Institute for International Studies and every summer sends a group of students to Merida to learn Spanish and culture.  Cody’s major is Spanish education at WKU. Cody decided to come to Mexico to immerse in the culture and learn more about the language, people, and most importantly, to be able to apply all the things he has learned into his future classes. He is a guy that not only loves history but the way he can relate most of the things he’s learned in class with Merida and the stories around it. One of Cody’s passions is taking pictures, “Merida and Mexico in general are perfect places to capture the beauty of people and nature”. Each day that goes by Cody feels a huge improvement with his Spanish and he couldn’t be happier about it.